Just when you think it couldn’t get more SUPER.

I have not been active in the k-pop fandom for quite some time so color me surprised when my sister, my cousin, and I walked into Araneta and our seats were a little closer to the stage than before.  I would also like to apologize because I am going to deviate from my usual sane posts and just go crazy with this one.

Super Junior has always had a special place in my heart.  I guess that’s a given when you are first introduced to Dong Bang Shin Ki; knowing Super Junior is inevitable.  When they announced that Manila would be part of the SS2 tour, I was too damn excited to even care about the ticket prices.  That was short-lived, of course, since I didn’t have enough money to get the best seats in the house.  After the tiring GEN-AD experience last year, we all decided that we would get better seats this year.

And we really did.

Though we still didn’t get the best seats, we got the best seats our money could buy.  It was close enough to see their faces without looking at the monitors.  I cannot even begin how happy we all were when we realized how close we were to the stage.  It was like SHINee all over again.

At seven in the evening, the lights went out and everyone had their blue penlights on.  I took pictures of them and I remembered how it was like last year.  I remembered that I cried and I was touched beyond words.  It was as beautiful as it was last year.

I can’t remember the exact order of the whole thing; I just remember parts of it.  So like last year, let’s do it in a bulleted fashion. 😀

• Donghae started flying up the stage and I, along with thousands of people, started screaming.  I started bouncing and just letting everything out.  He looked like this magnificent angel coming out of the ground.  He was handsome and beautiful.

• Leeteuk (and Sungmin, I later learned) flew up the stage, too.  He had a basket with balloons and confetti.  He kept throwing it down at everyone.  He was smiling so wide that you just had to smile, too.

• Yesung and Donghae just kept on hitting each other, kept hugging and all that.  They kept looking at each other while having these mini-duets.  I swear 잠들고 싶어 (In My Dream) might be my favorite SJ song now.  As much I love EunHae, I think I can really say that YeHae is my OTP.

• Speaking of EunHae, the EunHae stage was really, really hot. That is all. :Q______

• I really don’t like Justin Bieber but HENRY OMG HENRY.  He was so amazing.  He was so charming, so handsome, so hot, so great. Oh, Henry. *o*

• And I come to the highlight of the evening: YESUNG SINGING 너 아니면 안돼.  I was so excited because he performed nearly at the end of the entire concert.  Oh but when he performed! I had Rap’s camera clutched over my heart and I kept singing him the entire time.  And then he did something more magical: HE ASKED US TO SING WITH HIM. If I remember correctly, he said, “Sing.”  Yes, in English.  And we all sang the second chorus with him and when we finished, he said, “Thanks, my fans.”  In English again, yes!  Oh, he kept smiling and smiling and that side smile! It was soooooo beautiful.  I swear, June, if he becomes my bias, it’ll be all your fault. >P

• Yoriwang was funny.  Like crazy funny.  Unfortunately, Shindong got into an accident while he was taking his mushroom costume off.  Siwon carried him backstage and everyone cheered them on.

• AND OH MY GOD LADY HEE HEE AND THE SINGLE LADIES PERFORMANCE.  It was crazy awesome!  I kept laughing and cheering and shouting. I loved every part of it.  It was all kinds of win! \m/

• And how could I forget the TRAX performance.  We didn’t expect them to sing anything other than that guest appearance in 돈 돈! so when they performed 오! 나의 여신님, we screamed and jumped and bounced and sang with them. Jay and Jungmo looked like they didn’t expect us to respond like that, and they were so happy that we did.  I love them both, but Jay looked extra handsome.  Really extra handsome.

• AND THAT SPECIAL KANGIN PERFORMANCE.  Gah.  That really made me cry. T____T  I somehow wonder, though.  How come they don’t so anything for Kibum? ;___;

• In this one performance, Yesung kept taking pictures of himself, the members and the crowd.  I told Ginny: If he doesn’t tweet that later, I’ll be bugging him till he does! AND HE DID! \m/

I know a lot of other things happened, but these were the ones that really stuck.  I haven’t been into k-pop lately and I think that made the occasion all the more special.  Thank you once again, Super Junior.  I might’ve missed Zhou Mi this time around, but it was still worth it.  Next year’s goal: LOWER BOX and a really good point and shoot camera.

Till next year, Super Junior. Till next year. ♥



“I challenge you to fall in love.”

strange nervous laughter











So, how was your Valentine’s Day?

Like the past x number of years, I had no special someone to spend it with.  I won’t deny that I was a little melancholic (I am turning 26 this year, y’know), but after watching the Silly Love Songs episode in Glee, I felt better.  I could somehow face the day that was supposed to be the bane of my existence.

But that Glee episode is not what I’m going to talk about today.

A few months ago, I came across a book entitled strange nervous laughter by Bridget McNulty.  I have always been more of a mystery book lover, but the title and the summary at the front flap made me curious.  So for less than a hundred pesos, I purchased the book.  And I am glad I did.

strange nervous laughter wasn’t one of the usual romance novels that I’ve tried to read and have read before.  While most romance novels tend to be overly mushy (c’mon, let’s face it), McNulty’s book showed the more “real” side of love.  Maybe it was because she had presented everyday characters with everyday situations.  It made it easier for me to relate to the characters, laugh with them, and sometimes cry with them.

Yes, the book was still mushy and a little corny at times, but McNulty managed pull it off without making it unrealistic.  In fact, in one part of the book, there was an almost unrealistic situation and McNulty voices out all our doubts and answers it in a very simple way.


❝Oh please! I hear you say.
That stuff doesn’t actually happen.
There’s no sudden transformation,
no validation of a thousand cheesy Hallmark cards,
no selfless passion, just a slow, cautious walk up an unfamiliar,
bumpy path that may or may not be peppered with landmines,
and once you reach the end of the path, there’s a nice comfy armchair.

If you’re lucky.

I challenge you to fall in love.❞


Yes.  She’s right.  You might be the most cynical person in the world, but when you fall in love, you will sound like all those Hallmark cards you once despised.  You probably won’t recognize it, you probably will deny it.  But it’s there.  You will see all the birds and the bees, and hear them sing and buzz.  The world will be one worth living because that person is alive.  Because that person is with you.

But how often do we really feel this?  How often do we fly?

Not often enough, I think.  And in my opinion, that is exactly why a lot of people have become cynical.  Or, in a more modern term, career-focused.  We hide behind these seemingly perfect defenses and we think no one will ever know that that part of us even exists.  We say we don’t believe in love at first sight—that it’s just lust!—but deep inside, we crave it.  We want it to be real.  We want to have a Hallmark card relationship.  Not exactly perfect, but something that can make us smile for no apparent reason.

I challenge you to fall in love, McNulty said.
I challenge you to let yourself fall.


❝—the principal aim of the society to be longevity rather than fairness.❞

I was required to read George Orwell’s 1984 a few years ago. I’ve never told anyone, but I gave up after a while. I tried reading it, but I never got past the first few chapters. I never finished it; I just browsed through it as quickly as I could. It was a good thing that I didn’t need to pass a paper on it.

Fast forward to about five years later. My sister gave me a copy of Jasper Fforde’s Shades of Grey as a Christmas gift. I had wanted a copy of Fforde’s Thursday Next novels, but the book store didn’t have it that time. However, Fforde’s book didn’t disappoint me. For me, Shades of Grey was a “simplified” version of 1984. It was an easier and more colorful way of getting the message across. It reminded me of all the lessons we had back in college, and you don’t know how much that made me happy. I haven’t read something like that in a while, more so have that kind of conversation with someone. It was a relief to find such a book that actually talked to the Development Studies part of my mind.

That quote above spoke volumes to me. When I was still in UP, one of the topics we touched was Socialism. No matter what my professor said, I never believed that it was possible. People can’t just mindlessly follow rules. We think before we do anything, before we follow anyone. Deep inside, we all question things before we follow — it’s what makes us human! Plus, what kind of life would you lead if you just do what someone asks you do? How boring would that be!

Thinking, doubting, asking. It could threaten dogmas and laws, but what the hell. It makes this life more exciting.