Looking for love? Try Monte Carlo.

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The first time I saw the preview for Monte Carlo, I told myself I would watch that film. I’m not a fan of Selena Gomez, but when I learned that Leighton Meester and Cory Monteith would be in the film, I told myself that there was no way I would let it pass. However, the movie’s release date was so near the last Harry Potter film’s own release date that my heart sank. I would have no choice but to wait for it on DVD or HBO.

But, this lady believes in miracles. And a heaven-sent friend.

Monte Carlo opens with a very simple plot: a girl who dreams of going to Paris to escape her horrible high school experience (Selena Gomez as Grace), a friend who wants to get out of Texas (Katie Cassidy as Emma), and a step-sister who is forced to do things she doesn’t want to (Leighton Meester as Meg). For a chick flick fan, you would say that the next hour and a half would be pretty predictable. Though you won’t be disappointed with that prediction, Monte Carlo still manages to surprise you. Well, if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t get tired of stories of finding love in the most unexpected time, that is.

❝ I finally meet a guy who likes me for me.  
And I’m not even me. ❞

Selena, Leighton and Katie all manage to make their characters easy to relate to. We all want to find ourselves, find our place in the world, and, most especially, to find love. The stories of these girls tell us that there are times when you have to leave your comfort zone to find all three things. And sometimes, you have to leave in order to realize that what you’ve been looking for has been with you all along.

Towards the end of the film, the woman beside me suddenly commented in a voice loud for a theater. “Ganun ba talaga kaliit ang mundo para magkita sila uli?” (Is the world so small that it’s possible for them to meet again?) I fought the urge to tell her that yes, it is. That if those two people are really for meant for each other, those two people will brave anything and break all barriers just so they can be together. That destiny — yes, destiny! — can make everything possible.

Call me a hopeless romantic. Call the movie an ordinary, predictable chick flick. Call me and the film cliché, it’s okay. After all, most clichés are real.